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Asymmetric keypairs

Asymmetric keypairs #

Asymmetric keypairs are used by Secure Message and Secure Session cryptosystems.

Asymmetric cryptography imposes certain mathematical requirements on the structure of the keys. To preserve the format and content of the keys intact, all asymmetric keys are stored in Soter containers which provide key type identification and prevent accidental corruption.

Asymmetric key kinds #

Currently, Themis supports the following asymmetric keys:

  • EC keys used by Secure Message and Secure Session
  • RSA keys supported only by Secure Message

EC keys are preferred over RSA because EC keys can be shorter while providing comparable security guarantees. Moreover, elliptic cryptography is more computationally efficient for most use cases.

However, you may still need RSA in order to comply with certain regulations. Read more about compliance on the Regulations page.