Installing Themis for iOS and macOS #

Themis can be installed with CocoaPods and Carthage. Usually you want to install the stable package to benefit from automatic dependency management and security updates.

It is also possible to build the latest version of Themis from source, but it is highly non-trivial. Please drop us an email if you need assistance.

Installing with CocoaPods #

Themis is available via CocoaPods.

  1. Add the following line to your Podfile:

    pod 'themis'
  2. Install Themis pod:

    pod install

Here are examples of CocoaPods projects with Themis in Swift and Objective-C.

Using BoringSSL #

By default, Themis uses OpenSSL as its crypto-engine.

If your project uses BoringSSL or gRPC libraries, you might want to switch to BoringSSL crypto-engine for Themis. Currently, BoringSSL is only available via CocoaPods:

pod 'themis/themis-boringssl'
Unfortunately, BoringSSL for iOS doesn’t support bitcode, so Themis with BoringSSL also doesn’t support bitcode :( This might prevent your app from being accepted to the App Store.

Installing with Carthage #

Themis is also available via Carthage.

  1. Add the following line to your Cartfile:

    github "cossacklabs/themis"
  2. Download and build Themis:

    carthage update
  3. Integrate themis.framework into your project according to Carthage instructions.

    Important: You should integrate only themis.framework into your applications. Do not integrate openssl.framework manually, as it is statically linked with Themis (Carthage handles linking.).

Here are examples of Carthage projects with Themis in Swift and Objective-C.