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Ruby examples

Example projects with RbThemis #

Once you have installed RbThemis, it’s time to give it some action!

Code samples #

Some code samples for Themis features are available at docs/examples/ruby on GitHub:

  • key generation utilities
  • data encryption using Secure Cell
  • message encryption using Secure Message
  • a simple chat server and client using Secure Session
  • password authentication using Secure Comparator

You can also take a look at unit tests in RbThemis source code.

Blog posts #

You can read our blog post on building encrypted chat service which shows Themis in action for building a websocket server in Ruby. The code is available on GitHub.

Debugging aids #

There are command-line utilities that you can run from GitHub source code at tools/ruby.

What’s next #

Read the feature guide to learn how to use Themis effectively in Ruby.