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Getting started

Getting started #

Availability #

Themis supports following CPU architectures: x86_64/i386, ARM, various Android architectures.

We build and verify Themis on the latest stable OS versions:

  • Debian (9, 10), CentOS (7, 8), Ubuntu (16.04, 18.04, 20.04)
  • macOS (10.12–10.15, 11.*)
  • Android (7–12)
  • iOS (11–15)
  • Windows (experimenal MSYS2 support)

We plan to expand this list with a broader set of platforms. If you’d like to help improve or bring Themis to your favourite platform or language — get in touch.

Installation #

Refer to the Installation page to install Themis for your mobile, web, desktop, or server-side application. We highly recommend installation packages instead of building from source.

Language HowTos #

Pick your language and read about Themis API, HowTos, code examples, etc.

Platform Documentation
⚛️ React Native (iOS, Android) React Native HowTo
🔶 Swift (iOS, macOS) Swift HowTo
📱 Objective-C (iOS, macOS) Objective-C HowTo
📞 Kotlin (Android) Kotlin HowTo
☕️ Java (Android, desktop) Java HowTo
🖥 JavaScript (WebAssembly) WebAssembly HowTo
🍭 JavaScript (Node.js) Node.js HowTo
🔻 Ruby Ruby HowTo
🐍 Python Python HowTo
➕ C++ C++ HowTo
🐹 Go Go HowTo
🦀 Rust Rust HowTo

Plugins #

Themis-based plugins are built to enable Themis features across various platforms and products: