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Debugging and troubleshooting

Debugging and troubleshooting #

Updating Themis #

Most of the time switching to a newer Themis version is easy and straightforward. But sometimes a breaking change is necessary and you might need to update the application code.

Check out migration guides to see if you are affected and what you should do to upgrade.

Debugging Themis behaviour #

Sometimes encryption doesn’t work the way you’d like it to. The problem often lies in decoding or encoding data correctly and in using the correct keys.

Here are some tools that might help you pinpoint the issue.

Command-line utilites #

Use command-line utilities to test encryption/decryption locally. It’s useful when your application generates encrypted data and you want to be sure that data can be decrypted on the other side. CLI utilities support Secure Cell and Secure Message and are available in most languages.

Thread safety #

Themis is safe to use from multiple threads for non-interactive cryptosystems but interactive protocols have to be correctly synchronised. Learn more about thread safety.