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Projects that use Themis

Projects that use Themis #

Themis is widely-used for both non-commercial and commercial projects. We’ve mentioned some of the public projects in a blog post in December 2018, and a more complete list is as follows (in alphabetical order):

  • AppSpector — remote debugging platform for iOS and Android apps. Themis is used for end-to-end encryption of stored and transferred session data.

  • Bear Appendorsed by Apple iOS note-taking app. Read more about how we’ve helped to add end-to-end encryption of user notes in this blog post: Implementing End-to-End encryption in Bear App.

  • GoClinic — healthcare information exchange platform from the Netherlands created for safe, effective, expedient, and long-term successful treatment of hospital patients. Special thank you goes to @popaaaandrei.

  • Gochat by @ys1382 — open source secure chat written in Go which uses Themis as the encryption engine. If you want to improve your Go knowledge – consider reading the source code.

  • Hashblock-exchange — Hyperledger Sawtooth-based blockchain application where Themis is used to encrypt transaction content in blocks with elliptic cryptography.

  • kit — personal organiser mobile app for iOS and Android for secure storage of logins, passwords, dates, and notes with the help of end-to-end encryption. Themis is used to encrypt all the data that is shared between the users.

  • Media-sharing project that allows users to earn money by sharing media content. Themis is used as a multi-platform library for iOS, Android, and PHP sides of the project.

  • Virtual data room app — Themis is used for storage encryption of user’s PII, credentials, API keys.

Libraries #

Themis is used as dependency of other libraries:

Sample projects #

During the development stage, we frequently do Proof-of-Concept projects to test different assumptions.They serve as interesting demos (examples) of what Themis is capable of:

Do you use Themis too? #

Want to be featured on our blog and get in the list of contributors, too? Write us about the project you’ve created using Themis!