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Credits and honours

Credits and honourable mentions #

Significant contributions to Themis encryption library have been made by Ignat Korchagin (@ignatk) and Andrey Mnazakanov (@mnaza).

As for 2021, Themis is supported by core crew:

  • @radetsky as React Native engineer.
  • @iamnotacake as hands-on software engineer.
  • @ilammy who joined as a Rust contributor, but ended up bringing joy and order to the whole repository.
  • @vixentael who joined as a mobile developer, but is maintaining Themis for many years now.
  • @lagovas as a C, Go, Python developer.
  • @shadinua as an infrastructure engineer.
  • @gene-eu as the mastermind.
  • @julepka as a tamer of Apple ecosystem.

A special thank you goes to the awesome contributors that help us make Themis better:

Reserve your place in history, do a pull request! ❤️