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Contributing and community

Themis and community #

Themis is widely-used for both non-commercial and commercial projects, some of them can be found here.

We’ve built many solutions based on Themis, check where we use Themis.

Contributing to Themis #

Want to contribute to Themis? We’d love to see you in the list!

Start from the Contributing to Themis page.

Implementation assistance and support #

If you would like to receive a one-time or prolonged customised assistance with Themis for the needs of your app or service, consider taking a look at our commercial support and security engineering services.

Getting in touch #

  • Have a question? Not sure if you’ve caught a bug? Want to discuss something? Start a discussion on GitHub Discussions.
  • If you experience a specific issue or would like to request a specific feature, please file an issue via GitHub Issues.
  • To get in touch with the developers, use this email at your own discretion :) Make sure you’ve tried reaching out through GitHub first before writing a direct email.
  • To talk to the business wing of Cossack Labs Limited, drop us an email.