PostgreSQL notes

Acra currently supports PostgreSQL and MySQL as backends (we are also actively working on expanding the number of supported backends for Acra). This page contains all the important specific configuration information for PostgreSQL you need to know.

Acra is compatible and fully supports PostgreSQL v9.4 – v11.

Data types

Acra only supports storing AcraStructs in bytea column types and supports 3 types of binary data encoding from postgresql: hex, escape, and binary (when client libraries use extended query protocol with the binary format).


Acra does not intervene in the PostgreSQL authentication, so you can still use login/password for authentication between the app and the database. We actually encourage you to do that and to add one extra layer of protection against attackers that target your Postgres installation.

We've tested all the authentification methods compatible with Postgres (excluding RADIUS authentication), and found out that all of them are working correctly through Acra.