Example projects and demo - see Acra in action

There is a collection of engineering examples for Acra we call "Acra example applications". We've created them to help you gain practical experience with Acra's prominent features using hands-on examples.

Acra example applications illustrate the integration of Acra data protection suite into your existing application. Protecting the data is completely transparent for the users and requires minimal changes in the infrastructure.

Acra example applications are available in a live infrastructure and are launched with just one command. Each example application folder contains a Docker compose file that describes key management procedures and configurations of Acra.

The current list of Docker-based example projects for Acra:

# Example What's inside
1 Asymmetric encryption, Django web app, PostgreSQL Django web application with client-side encryption (AcraWriter), AcraServer, AcraConnector, PostgreSQL.
2 Transparent encryption, Django web app, PostgreSQL Django web application with server-side encryption, AcraServer, AcraConnector, PostgreSQL.
3 Asymmetric encryption with Zones, python console app, PostgreSQL Simple python client application, client-side encryption with Zones support, AcraServer, AcraConnector, PostgreSQL.
4 Asymmetric encryption, Ruby on Rails web app, PostgreSQL Ruby on Rails web application, client-side encryption, AcraServer, AcraConnector, PostgreSQL.
5 Transparent encryption, TimescaleDB TimescaleDB with server-side encryption, AcraServer, AcraConnector.
6 SQL injection prevention, AcraCensor OWASP Mutillidae vulnerable web application, AcraConnector, AcraServer, AcraCensor (SQL firewall).
7 Intrusion detection system, transparent encryption Go client application, AcraServer in transparent encryption mode, poison records, PostgreSQL.
8 Load balancing python client application, AcraServer, HAProxy.
9 Search in encrypted data Acra Enterprise Edition supports search in encrypted data without decrypting it.

Acra live demo

There is also a way to experience many of the powerful capabilities of Acra in one place, without coding - request and try Acra live demo.