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Commercial support

Commercial support #

If you would like to receive a one-time or prolonged customised assistance in implementing Hermes for the needs of your app/service, consider taking a look on Cossack Labs Product security solutions.

Licensing and commercial support #

Hermes-core license is GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.

There is a separate, commercial licensed Hermes version for industrial use (its core crypto code is similar to this repository, yet it holds additional convenience interfaces and services). A commercial license can include custom cryptographic engineering (building cryptographic scheme based on Hermes for your use-case) and engineering support.

Drop us an email to info@cossacklabs.com if you are interested.

Getting in touch #

  • Requests/bugfixes/queries should go through GitHub Issues.
  • To get in touch with the developers, use this email at your own discretion :). Make sure you’ve tried reaching out through GitHub Issues first before writing a direct email.
  • To talk to the business wing of Cossack Labs Limited, drop us an email.