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Hermes in a nutshell

Hermes in a nutshell #

What Hermes is and why it’s awesome

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What Hermes is #

Hermes — cryptographic framework for building multi-user end-to-end encrypted data storage and sharing/processing with zero leakage risks from storage and transport infrastructure (so called end-to-end encrypted zero knowledge architectures).

Hermes acts as a protected data circulation layer with cryptographic access control for your distributed application, with zero security risk of data exposure from servers and storage.

Hermes allows deploying end-to-end encrypted data exchange, sharing, and collaboration in your apps. Hermes is platform-agnostic: it works for mobile, web, or server applications storing data in any database/datastore.

Getting started #

If you’re just getting started with Hermes, please start with What is Hermes page, and work your way up to the Getting Started guide.