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Client-side encryption

Client-side encryption #

This feature is available in Acra Enterprise Edition only.

As we describe in Acra in depth / Architecture, data encryption can happen in client application using AcraWriter SDK.

AcraWriter SDK allows client application to encrypt data into AcraStructs/AcraBlocks and then send encrypted. It means that even if a client application doesn’t use TLS or works in a hostile environment, the data is still sent encrypted. Application can send it directly to the database omitting AcraServer, or send to the AcraServer (it won’t encrypt data twice).

Client-side encryption is useful for gathering sensitive data from remote devices/telemetry/services, and it protects the data in motion.

Refer to the AcraWriter page to learn more and see examples of dataflows.

Refer to a client-side integration with AcraConnector guide describing how to use AcraWriter and AcraConnector on client app.