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Migration from keystore v1 to v2

Migration from keystore v1 to v2 #

In order to migrate from keystore version 1 to version 2, use acra-keys utility.

acra-keys migrate \
    --src_keystore=v1 --src_keys_dir ".acrakeys" \
    --dst_keystore=v2 --dst_keys_dir ".acrakeys.v2"

You need to put the Acra Master Key to the source keystore into SRC_ACRA_MASTER_KEY and the destination Acra Master Key into DST_ACRA_MASTER_KEY. New keystore will be created at .acrakeys.v2.

Note: You can use the --dry_run option to test the migration and be sure that you can access all keys.

After migration is completed, check that Acra components can still operate with the new keystore. You can set the path to the new keystore using the keys_dir option on the command-line or in the configuration file when launching Acra components. Once you’re sure that your operations are not affected, you can swap the keystore directories.