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AcraTranslator configuration

AcraTranslator configuration #

Here we describe how to set up AcraTranslator to reach a state where it can process queries.

List of all command line flags for AcraTranslator is located in Configuring and maintaining.

Configuration file #

There are two ways of configuring AcraTranslator:

  • via command line flags
  • via configuration file

The YAML file is passed with --config_file=path/to/config.yml flag. To use this file as configuration source, you simply move flags into it, --foo=1 will become foo: 1 and --bar=test will become bar: "test".

Different configuration sources can be mixed if that makes sense in your situation.

Listener #

AcraTranslator will be listening on some default ports (gRPC API on 9696, HTTP API on 9595) if not configured to do otherwise. Related flags are located in Configuring and maintaining and described for flag names: incoming_connection_grpc_string and incoming_connection_http_string. As a simple example we can set both like this: --incoming_connection_grpc_string=tcp:// and --incoming_connection_http_string=tcp://

It is also important to configure TLS so the application/clients will have secure connection to AcraTranslator.