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Getting started

Getting started #

Get started, easily #

We’ve made sure that this documentation service covers maximum of Acra’s capabilities and configuration nuances. However, it is a considerable effort to do thorough study, so there are a few shortcuts for those willing to get their hands dirty faster:

Acra Enterprise Edition #

To get to learn more about enterprise version, please refer to the Acra Enterprise Edition page.

Acra Enterprise Edition supports all security features and is tailored for large infrastructures. Acra Enterprise Edition provides key management utils and policies to configure and control Acra automatically. Best for enterprise businesses with multiple apps / databases. You take Enterprise Acra, we assist with configuration, policies, deployment, support.

Evaluation playgrounds, PoCs and pilots #

For qualified potential customers interested in a commercial version, we offer free playgrounds built around Acra EE and a number of demo applications - deployed in cloud of your choice, all set up for evaluation. Get your hands dirty without getting your hands dirty first!

If you’re interested in a commercial version, refer to Acra Enterprise Edition to learn more or drop us a line describing you use case.