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LRU cache

LRU cache #

Caching is an essential part when we talk about getting the best performance from network services. Acra tools provide caching for few things that would otherwise be requested every time:

  • Keystore cache

    In order to encrypt/decrypt data, AcraServer needs keys. With configured Redis database that stores the keys, we can enable AcraServer to cache them in memory with --keystore_cache_size flag and get better encryption/decryption performance. For more info see AcraServer keystore flags.

  • CRL caching

    When using TLS connection with certificate validation using Certificate Revocation Lists, it is possible to enable caching for CRLs and thus improve TLS handshake speed. For more info see CRL-related flags, applicable to AcraServer, AcraConnector and AcraTranslator.