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Optimizations #

This section contains a set of specific optimizations and practices for your applications and infrastructures when using with Acra.

Infrastructure management and configuration #

  • Vertical scaling

    Describes how performance will grow with more CPU cores / memory added.

  • Horizontal scaling

    Describes how performance will grow with instances being added.

  • TLS configuration

    Contains few hints regarding TLS configuration effect on network performance.

  • Obtaining metrics

    Contains detailed overview about metrics you can enable and collect via Prometheus.

  • Disable debug logs

    Contains few flags that can be used for debugging purposes, but better to be disabled in production.

Data processing optimizations #

  • AcraStructs vs AcraBlocks

    Describes difference between AcraStructs and AcraBlocks (encryption containers).

  • DB indexes

    Contains important notes regarding proper database indexing while having some encrypted columns.

  • LRU cache

    Describes which things could be cached in memory by Acra and how to enable this caching to improve performance.

Resources optimizations #

  • Connection reuse

    Reminds that it is a good practice to reuse opened connections to database as much as possible.

  • Zones performance

    Describes how Zones affect performance (zones are deprecated since 0.94.0, will be removed in 0.95.0).

  • Enterprise kickstart

    Hints that Acra Enterprise Edition performance is better and describes which troubles your team can avoid when using Acra Enterprise Edition.