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Logging in Acra #

Starting from version 0.77.0, Acra supports multiple logging formats

  • plaintext
  • CEF
  • JSON

Acra logs are compatible with various external log analysis tools (like ELK stack) and SIEM systems.

Note: Wondering what different logs, metrics, traces look like in Acra? Check out the engineering examples!

Configuring logging #

Logging mode and verbosity level can be configured for AcraServer, AcraConnector (deprecated and removed since 0.91.0), AcraTranslator and AcraWebConfig (deprecated and removed since 0.91.0) in the corresponding yaml files or passed as CLI parameter.

  • --logging_format

Set the logging format to use.

  • -v

    Enable verbose logging, useful for debugging.

To see an example of logging, check out the default configuration of AcraServer in acra-server.yaml.