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acra-webconfig (deprecated since 0.91.0) #

acra-webconfig is a simple web application that provides web UI for AcraServer’s runtime configuration. You can adjust the following parameters of AcraServer via acra-webconfig:

  • db_host
  • db_port
  • incoming_connection_api_port
  • d
  • poison_run_script_file
  • poison_shutdown_enable
  • zonemode_enable (zones are deprecated since 0.94.0, will be removed in 0.95.0)
See AcraServer’s command line flag documentation.

Command line flags #

  • --destination_host=<hostname>

    Hostname of AcraServer to configure or AcraConnector that will proxy configuration requests to AcraServer. IP addresses are also supported. Default is localhost.

  • --destination_port=<port>

    HTTP API port of AcraServer or AcraConnector. Default is 9191.

  • --incoming_connection_host=<address>

    Address of the network interface for acra-webconfig to listen for HTTP connections on. Default is Set to empty string,, or [::] to listen on all interfaces.

  • --incoming_connection_port=<port>

    Port for acra-webconfig to listen for HTTP connections on. Default is 8000.

  • --http_auth_mode={auth_on|auth_off_local|auth_off}

    HTTP basic authentication mode.

    • auth_on — (default) basic authentication is always required
    • auth_off_local — turn off basic authentication if acra-webconfig accepts connections only from localhost
    • auth_off — basic authentication is not performed
  • --static_path=<path>

    Path to static content. Default is cmd/acra-webconfig/static.

Configuration files #

  • --config_file=<filename>

    Path to YAML configuration file.

  • --dump_config

    Dump configuration to configs/acra-webconfig.yaml.

  • --generate_markdown_args_table

    Generate markdown file with text description of all flags. Output file is configs/markdown_acra-webconfig.md. Works in a pair with --dump_config.

Logging #

  • -d

    Log to stderr all DEBUG, INFO, WARNING and ERROR logs.

  • --logging_format={plaintext|json|CEF} Logging format.

    • plaintext — (default) pretty human readable key/value format

      time="2021-07-12T14:02:12+03:00" level=info msg="Starting service acra-translator [pid=475995]" version=0.85.0
    • json — one JSON object per line, easy to parse by most log collectors

      {"level":"info","msg":"Starting service acra-translator [pid=476077]","product":"acra-translator","timestamp":"2021-07-12T14:02:50+03:00","unixTime":"1626087770.004","version":"0.85.0"}
    • CEF — Common Event Format

      CEF:0|cossacklabs|acra-translator|0.85.0|100|Starting service acra-translator [pid\=476133]|1|unixTime=1626087782.510

Web interface #

AcraServer settings #

After pressing Save button AcraServer dumps configuration to the configuration file and gracefully restarts to apply all changes.

AcraCensor & Zone settings #

Currently acra-webconfig does not support changing AcraCensor and Zone-related parameters.