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General configuration

General configuration #

Acra contains a set of special CLI utilities and services for specialized use cases.

Services #

  • acra-connector (deprecated since 0.91.0) - provides encrypted and authenticated connection to AcraServer/AcraTranslator via TLS or Themis Secure Session

  • acra-server - provides Acra’s security controls as SQL proxy between client-side app and the database. It is responsible for performing actual data processing operations and managing secrets required for them

  • acra-translator - provides Acra’s security controls via HTTP / gRPC API for client-side apps. Also offers client-side SDKs for easier integration

  • acra-webconfig (deprecated since 0.91.0) - provides web UI for AcraServer’s runtime configuration

Utilities #

  • acra-keys

    • is used for various operations with cryptographic keys especially for v2 keystore
  • acra-tokens

    • is used for various token operations
  • acra-addzone

    • is used for generating new Zone keys for AcraBlocks/AcraStructs (deprecated since 0.94.0, will be removed in 0.95.0)
  • acra-authmanager (deprecated since 0.91.0)

  • acra-backup

    • is used for storing and managing the keystore backups
  • acra-keymaker

    • is used for various operations with cryptographic keys. We will deprecate acra-keymaker soon in favour of acra-keys
  • acra-log-verifier

    • verifies secure logs dumped from AcraServer/AcraTranslator/AcraConnector
  • acra-poisonrecordmaker

  • acra-rollback

    • helps you to generate a clean SQL dump from an existing encrypted one (thus decrypting the data)
  • acra-rotate

    • is used for rotating private/Zone (zones are deprecated since 0.94.0, will be removed in 0.95.0) keys and re-encrypting data stored in database or as a file