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Configuring & maintaining

Configuring & maintaining #

This page is generally for Ops team, or anybody else who’s job is to make things work together.

  • Installation describes requirements and installation process using pre-built packages, Docker images or from sources.
  • General configuration contains list of all Acra binaries, their flags/subcommands, additional hints about configuration.
  • Controls configuration on AcraServer and Controls configuration on AcraTranslator are about configuring of particular security controls provided by AcraServer/AcraTranslator respectively.
  • TLS is about TLS-specific things, how to enable/configure TLS for each Acra service along with an additional CRL/OCSP validations.
  • Key storing is about different cryptographic keys storing and distributing over your infrastructure, and configuring Acra to use the proper storage.
  • Policies — enterprise feature that provides more flexible control over Acra’s behavior compared with usual configuration.
  • Storage and data model implications lists things you should take into account before integrating Acra into your ecosystem.
  • Logging describes logging capabilities of Acra services and how to configure it.
  • Metrics is about metrics you can collect with Prometheus, their meaning and configuration.
  • Tracing lists existing traces you can export to Jaeger to analyze performance of some operations.
  • Debugging and troubleshooting shows what you can do to get more information about what’s happening with Acra services to find out the cause of problem you’ve encountered.
  • Optimizations lists tips that may help you improve overall performance.