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SDK for AcraTranslator [ENTERPRISE]

SDK for AcraTranslator #

SDK for AcraTranslator is available in Acra Enterprise Edition only.

AcraTranslator provides gRPC and HTTP API, which you can use in your application. You can also contact us to get an SDK that will provide better/deeper integration with your client application’s language. SDK for AcraTranslator encapsulates its API.

SDK for AcraTranslator’s functionality #

You use API or SDK in places where data should be encrypted/decrypted, and get the results without having to write crypto code in your language, with consistent results among all the components that use the API/SDK.

Read more about AcraTranslator.

Functional requirements #

SDK for AcraTranslator supports the same features as AcraTranslator’s API.

Non-functional requirements #

  • SDK for AcraTranslator can work with many programming languages, consistently using the same data format.
  • SDK for AcraTranslator allows not to deal with crypto code inside the application.

Connection with other parts #

SDK for AcraTranslator is a client-side SDK for infrastructures that rely on AcraTranslator.

Refer to AcraTranslator page.