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Key storage and KMS

Key storage and KMS #

Key management with key storage is core component of Acra responsible for security guarantees. The whole cryptography used in Acra depends on key storage. Without great key management, even strong and correctly used cryptography can’t guarantee safety for data.

Key management is a set of approaches and processes related to key storing, rotation, distribution, protection, compartmentalization. Acra provides tools and pushes the processes in key management in the secure way to cover all aspects of keys security and help to reach compliance in data security.

Key management #

Acra uses multiple keys. Each key has its unique purpose and in such way provide compartmentalization of keys duty. Acra provides tools to perform key generation, rotation, and backup.

Refer to Security controls / Key management to learn about different keys, their usage, and key management operations that Acra supports.


Every key that Acra uses is encrypted by Acra Master Key, it can be read from KMS.

Refer to KMS to read about KMS flow.

Key storage #

AcraServer, AcraTranslator and AnyProxy require accessing encryption keys.

Acra relies on a lot of keys that generated per user, per purposes. Also, they may be rotated and at the same time may exist several keys for same purpose. This set of keys should be stored somewhere and should support distributed access to provide high performance and scalability.

Acra supports several storages that may be used for key storage.

Refer to Key storage to read about supported key storages.