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Acra in a nutshell

Acra in a nutshell #

What Acra is and why it’s awesome

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What Acra is #

Acra is a data security toolbox: a suite of security tools built to protect data across its whole lifecycle in modern distributed applications. Acra provides application-level encryption, masking, tokenization, access control, database leakage prevention, and intrusion detection capabilities in a convenient, developer-friendly package.

Getting started #

If you’re just getting started with Acra, please start with What is Acra page, and work your way up to the Getting Started guide.

Latest release and revision #

The latest Acra Community Edition release is 0.90.0.

The latest Acra Enterprise Edition release is 0.90.0. Please talk to your sales representative to update Acra EE.

Acra Enterprise Edition documentation #

We are merging Acra Community Edition and Acra Enterprise Edition documentation here, so some sections are marked as “Enterprise Only”.