Cossack Labs Knowledge Base

Convenient and affordable data security and encryption solutions. Face the ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape with calm and strong security posture: mitigate whole classes of risk, comply with privacy regulations without drastically increasing cost.

Database security suite with field level encryption and leakage prevention. Protect sensitive data in databases and distributed applications.

Cross-platform general purpose cryptographic library for securing data during authentication, storage, messaging, network exchange, etc.

Security framework for enabling multi-user end-to-end encrypted data storage, sharing and access control in the application.

  • Solves end-to-end encrypted data collaboration
  • Gives cryptographic access control
  • Works without re-encrypting an excessive amount of data
  • Provides cryptographically protected data processing
  • Prevents insider and outsider data leakage
  • Prevents data leakage or misuse even if server infrastructure is compromised