Cossack Labs Knowledge Base

Convenient and affordable data security and encryption solutions. Face the ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape with calm and strong security posture: mitigate whole classes of risk, comply with privacy regulations without drastically increasing cost.


Cross-platform general purpose cryptographic library for securing data during authentication, storage, messaging, network exchange, etc.

  • Solves 90% use cases related to secure data storage and transmission
  • Saves development time
  • Prevents developers from making security mistakes
  • Recommended by OWASP
  • Documented, audited, supported
  • Provides strong modern industry-proven cryptography
  • Gives building blocks for end-to-end encryption
  • Hides cryptographic details
  • Fits perfectly for multi-platform apps (mobile, web, server)
  • 100% compatible across all supported languages


Database security suite with searchable field-level encryption and leakage prevention.

  • Solves data security for data storage
  • Provides selective searchable encryption, data masking, tokenization
  • Gives cryptographic access control
  • Has built-in key management procedures
  • Prevents insider and outsider data leakage
  • Works with SQL/NoSQL databases
  • Has 3 modes: database proxy, API server, in-app library
  • Supports crypto-signed audit logging
  • Protects from unwanted database queries (SQL firewall)
  • Microservice-friendly, containers-friendly
  • On-prem or in the cloud


Security framework for enabling multi-user end-to-end encrypted data storage, sharing and access control in the application.

  • Solves end-to-end encrypted data collaboration
  • Gives cryptographic access control
  • Works without re-encrypting an excessive amount of data
  • Provides cryptographically protected data processing
  • Prevents insider and outsider data leakage
  • Prevents data leakage or misuse even if server infrastructure is compromised